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Prenatal and Labor Doula Support

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Birth Doula Services in Charlotte, NC Metro

Concord, Kannapolis, Gastonia, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Salisbury

I get it, I have been there searching for a dedicated “birth doula near me” in Charlotte, NC for my two births. Let us comfort you and provide exceptional support during your special time. Without any second thought, choose Supporting Blessings. Supporting Blessings is your trusted partner in personalized birth doula services, ensuring a compassionate and empowering birthing experience for you and your family.

When Do You Need a Birth Doula?

A dedicated birth doula can give great emotional, physical, and informational support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postpartum period as you prepare for childbirth. Seeking tailored birth doula care guarantees that you and your family have a more empowered and compassionate delivery experience.

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From The Start

Comprehensive Emotional Support throughout Your Journey

A birth doula offers continuous emotional backing as you navigate a highly charged time. Through regular meetings starting early in pregnancy, you build a trusting relationship in a safe space to process concerns and anxieties. Their reassuring presence and guidance foster confidence and positivity for childbirth.

During labor itself, a birth doula helps manage stress and fear through positional suggestions, breathing techniques, massage, and words of affirmation.

The Pregnancy

Advocating Your Preferences in the Delivery Room

A birth doula advocates for your preferences during labor, like birthing positions, pain management options, and techniques that feel most comforting. They collaborate with medical staff while providing physical assistance like massage and cool compresses.

With robust knowledge and tailored suggestions throughout, the birth doula empowers informed decisions aligned with your birth plan.

Prenatal Meetings

Seamless Guidance after Delivery

Birth doula’s support extends beyond delivery to assist in your transition to parenthood. They provide breastfeeding guidance, help ease postpartum anxieties, offer household organization and self-care tips, and ensure you receive proper postnatal medical care. Their ongoing assistance promotes overall well-being.

Supporting Blessings: Your Trusted Birth Doula Services Provider

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In-Depth Childbirth Preparation

Before labor begins, we share invaluable insights on birthing options to inform your decisions. Topics range from relaxation techniques to pain management planning for comprehensive preparation. We also connect you with prenatal wellness resources like nutritionists and therapists.

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Tailored Hands-On Comfort Treatment

During labor itself, we suggests positions, provides massage and offers reassuring words based on your unique needs. The primary focus is keeping you as comfortable as possible through your contractions. The doulas also ensure your partner feels actively involved.

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Postpartum Care and Assistance

While we don’t directly offer postpartum doula care, we are connected with a wide community to connect you to. In the weeks following childbirth, our birth doulas are available to answer questions, provide emotional backing, and offer tips to ease the transition as a new parent. Topics range from infant care and feeding to self-care practices.

Connect with Supporting Blessings for Exceptional, Personalized Birth Doula Care

If you seek a dedicated professional to offer compassionate guidance during pregnancy, delivery, and beyond, contact Supporting Blessings. Our birth doulas pride themselves on forging trusting relationships while equipping families with the knowledge and support for positive birthing experiences that meet their personal needs and preferences.

To get our birth doula services in Charlotte, NC Metro (Concord, Kannapolis, Gastonia, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Salisbury)

From The Start

From The Start

We kick off our relationship with a consultation call. Your birth is all about you, and that is what this call is about! Our purpose is to be your support and mediator within the medical world to ensure all of your wishes and commands and being met.

The Pregnancy

The Pregnancy

24/7 availability for phone and text support from signing of contract until 6 weeks postpartum

Prenatal Meetings

Prenatal Meetings

Think of our prenatal meetings as our time to study up and mentally prepare for the day your little one comes into the world. These meetings help us lay out what to expect with labor, the day of process, and more. The goal is to come away from these meetings confident and feeling ready!

Birth Planning

Birth Planning

This is your birth story. Our goal is to make it what you wish.

Labor Support

Labor Support

Labor support is just as much emotional support as it is physical support. You are our primary focus. Our only goal is to make you the most comfortable you can be.

To The Baby

To The Baby

In-person postpartum meeting to talk about your birth and postpartum questions. We have amazing partners and can help you find the postpartum support you need (breastfeeding, sleep training…).

Continued Support

We are excited to be working through trainings and certifications to soon be offering the following additions to your support! 

Placenta Encapsulation

Childbirth Education Classes

Infant Feeding Specialist

VBAC Specialist

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